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Our themes are the perfect foundation for building cost-effective landing pages for the budget-minded Healing Arts solo-entrepreneur and small business. Each theme is built with flexible movable sections that are arranged to suit your specific business needs and content. Our modular design approach allows us to offer a collection of interchangeable building blocks that cut down development time and deliver unique designs more efficiently.

Select any section from any theme and add it to your design. For example, let’s say you really like Theme 1 but you prefer the ‘About me’ layout from a different theme, we simply replace it. All colors and fonts can also be modified to suit your brand, plus we provide a large library of beautiful royalty-free images to further personalize the look and feel of your design. 

Theme 1

Theme 2

Theme 3

Theme 4

Theme 5

Theme 6

Theme 7

Theme 8

Theme 9

Common sections include:

Page header (hero banner)

This section displays the main headline about services and  promotions. Layout may be limited if a slider is used.

About us

This section contains a short description about yourself such as your mission, background or the reason you do what you do. 

What we do (overview)

This section contains a description of what your business offers, typically an overview of your main services.

How we help (services)

This section describes individual services in more detail and explains how customers will benefit from working with you. 


This section displays either list or slider that displays multiple customer testimonials.

Blog roll

This section displays a collection of your latest blog posts.


This section can be used for a variety of customer callouts such as promotions, quotes or announcements.

Contact form

A contact form can be included in a section of its own with a block of text or it can be added to the website footer.


This section typically contain your contact details, hours and a web form that visitors can use to reach out to you.  

 Social icons

Social icons can be placed in any section, typically found in the about section or the website footer.

Products (add-on)*

This section displays featured products on websites that have the eCommerce add-on installed.

Subscriber sign-up (add-on)*

This section displays a registration form on websites that have the Sign-up form add-on installed.

* Some themes includes available add-on elements such as appointment bookings, e-commerce products and e-mail marketing sign-up forms and pop-ups. Add-ons and additional professional services are available as needed.

Our themes simplify the creative process, reduce costs and gets you up and running faster.

How to get started

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Define your design

Review our design collection and select a layout that reflects your personality and would best represent the information you wish to share with your audience.

Do you like one layout but prefer sections from other layouts? Sections are movable and interchangeable with other layouts. Be creative and we’ll do our best to support your creative flow.

Send us a project request

Our project request form will help you to provide all the details about your needs and help us to better understand your vision and overall requirements. 

One of our helpful team members will contact you to discuss your project and further define your project goals and specifications, in order to produce your unique production plan.

Complete the order

Once the plan outline has been defined, you will receive a deposit request to reserve your slot in our development queue, so we can provide you with a project development schedule.

A final payment will be requested when the website is completed and ready for public release.

We look forward to working with you!

Let’s start a conversation and explore how we can be of service together.

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