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As fellow spiritual, health and wellness enthusiasts, we reached a crossroad and had to decide how to best serve humanity with our time. We could apply our deep interest, knowledge and genuine love for people as health practitioners or find a way to help thousands more by empowering members of the healing community with websites and tools that increase their visibility and improve how they do business. We chose to help you, the practitioners, so you can help more people than we ever could by ourselves.

It would be our pleasure to share with you, over 20 years of business and marketing experience and coaching services. Regardless of the stage that your business is currently in, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs and budget. Let’s start a conversation and explore how we can be of service to you.

Wellness inspired designs

Select from our collection and get started today.


We are here to help

We offer a selection of beautifully designed wellness-inspired templates that simplify the design process and reduce development time and costs. Our designs can serve as a single landing page or as an entry point to a multi-page site that includes every detail about you and your offerings. Advanced business features, such as a booking system with online payments and a full-featured e-commerce platform, are also available to provide you and your clients with the best experience possible.  Let’s start a conversation about your business and see how we can help you to meet your goals.

Business Consulting

Our 20+ years of experience help to build businesses using the latest innovations and best practices.


Digital Marketing

We provide the tools and techniques that help you target those that need your products and services.


Accept payments online for your products, services, appointments, courses, retreats and downloads.

 Perfect for a practitioner who needs a unique website without the cost of a 100% custom solution.

How to get started

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Define your design

Review our design collection and select a layout that reflects your personality and would best represent the information you wish to share with your audience.

Do you like one layout but prefer sections from other layouts? Sections are movable and interchangeable with other layouts. Be creative and we’ll do our best to support your creative flow.

Send us a project request

Our project request form will help you to provide all the details about your needs and help us to better understand your vision and overall requirements. 

One of our helpful team members will contact you to discuss your project and further define your project goals and specifications, in order to produce your unique production plan.

Complete the order

Once the plan outline has been defined, you will receive a deposit request to reserve your slot in our development queue, so we can provide you with a project development schedule.

A final payment will be requested when the website is completed and ready for public release.

We look forward to working with you!

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What our clients say

“Working with Al and the Exigo team was a wonderful and nurturing experience. His passion for the healing arts was evident and his supportive approach was enlightening and very educational. He helped me to realize how the the technology can benefit people in my field. I am grateful for the artistic guidance I received while designing my site. The Exigo team understood exactly what I wanted and provided creative tips that made it that much better. I fully recommend working with this group of people and assure you that you are in good hands.

Healing with Lou – Pranic healer, Yoga teacher

My website not only has a new and improved look, but working with Exigo Media has really taken my website to the next level. I am extremely happy with how it turned out and they made the technical side of things easy to manage and understand for someone who is not very technical. Working along side such a knowledgeable team was a great experience that improved many facets of my business. I highly recommend Al Rousseau and the Exigo team. I finally have the website I’ve always wanted for my health & wellness endeavours.

Apple Diaries – Detoxification specialist, nutrition coach

Let’s start a conversation and explore how we can be of service together.

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